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Industrial 100 Polyester Spun Yarn One Twisting Yarn Raw White High Strength


100% Polyester TFO Yarn Two For One Twisting Yarn Raw White with High Strength


Wuhan Yuanao Trading Co.,Ltd is a direct manufacture for making polyester yarns, a professional China Supplier in textile yarn industry since 2005. Our major products business are virgin polyester raw yarn, ring spun yarn , sewing thread ,etc. We could provide dye, cone finish for making thread. Our products have the following characteristics, like perfect glossy luster, excellent lubricity, no knots, less broken ends, low water shrinkage, good fastness to abrasion and highstrength.


our yarns perform very well and run sewing machine smoothly. All products have been tested by QC Control department and management. We already have exported all yarns to different markets, such as Asia, Mid-East, Eastern Europe, West Europe, Africa, South America in good reputation. Besides, we can guarantee products quality and prompt delivery time, so we can save much time for our customers and benefit each of customers from us. We sincerely welcome customers to visit our factory .



Material 100% polyester fiber
Type Virgin, close virgin, recycled
Technical Ring spun
Usage Weaving, knitting, sewing, etc.
Twist Single, ply-double, multi-ply
Counts 20s/2,20s/3,20s/4,30s/2,30s/3,30s/4,40s/2,40s/3,42s/2,50s/2,50s/3,60s/2,60s/3
Quality High strength, good twist, good evenness, no knots, small CV%

15cones/PP bag ,Weight: 25.41kg

20cones/PP bag, Weight: 25.47Kg

Shipment Within 7- 15 days after get the deposit
Payment T/T, L/C at sight


Raw White 100 Polyester Spun Yarn / Polyester Sewing Thread On Plastic Tube



Packaging Details:

1) 1.67kg/paper cone, 15cones/polybag, 25kgs/polybag;
2) 1.40kg/paper cone, 16cones/polybag, 22.4kgs/polybag;
3) 1.25kg/plastic cone, 20cones/polybag, 25kgs/polybag;
4)1.00kg/plastic cone, 24cones/polybag, 24kgs/polybag;
5) 0.25kg/hank yarn, 20 hank yarn/small polybag, 5kg/big polybag, 20 big bags/100kg

40/2 spun polyester yarn for sewing thread on plastic cone 1.33D× 38mm

Product Description
Name: 100 polyester yarn sewing thread use plastic tube cone for dying
Count: 20s/2-60s/2
Color: raw white suit for dying
material: 100% polyester staple fiber 1.5D*38MM
Usage Used for knitting and weaving auto cone and waxed
MOQ: 2tons per color



100% Ring Spun Polyester Yarn India Sewing Thread Yarn Count 40/2


100% spun polyester yarn india sewing thread yarn count 40/2 plastic cone yarn 1.25kg/cone


Tex: 14.8 g/kmx2
Yarn CV%: 2.2
Strength CN/50cm: ≥1020
Strength CV: ≤7%
Twist/10cm: 83
Raw material: 100% virgin polyester staple fiber 1.33dtex X38mm raw white AAA grade for sewing thread
Color: Semi-dull, Raw/ Bright/ Super White, Optical White, Bleached White, Various Dyeing Colors for options

Main specifications: 20/2, 20/3, 20/6, 30/2, 30/3, 40/2, 40/3, 42/2, 45/2, 50/2, 50/3, 60/2, 60/3, 62/2, 62/3 etc.


Paper cone:

1.67 kgs/ paper cone, 15 cones (25 kgs) / PP bag (carton)

1.89 kgs/ paper cone, 12 cones (22.68 kgs) / PP bag (carton)

Plastic cone:

1.25 kgs/ plastic cone, 20 cones (25 kgs) / PP bag (carton)

1.4175 kgs/ plastic cone, 16 cones (22.68 kgs) / PP bag (carton)

Hank yarn:

250 g/ hank, 20 hanks/ bundle, 20 bundles (100 kgs)/ PP bag


2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 8000,10000 metres or yards / pc, 60 or 120 pcs/ carton

Or other packing according to your requirements

Dyed 100% Polyester Sewing Thread 40/2 5000yards Bright Short Fiber Ring spun Virgin Yarn




1. 100% Polyester sewing thread

2. Material: 1.2D x 38mm short fiber polyester stable

3. Main Specification: 20S/2,20S/3, 30S/2,30S/3,40S/2,40S/3,50S/2,50S/3, 60S/2,60S/3,etc.

4. Quality: Virgin AA quality, high tenacity, few knots and little hairiness, which is good for dyeing;

Without knot & direct dyeable; Dyed yarn available in a variety of colors;

5. Color: we have color card with 1200 different colors, also buyers' colors are acceptable

6. Minimun quantity: 200KGS/COLOR

7. Deliver time: about 7 days after order confirmed




Material 100% Polyester short fiber
Color Dyeing thread more than 1200 colors
Usage Sewing for household or industrial use



Product Characteristic

1. Technics: Ring spun, twisted

2. High strength, evenness, bright, less broken ends, low elongation,

well sewing, function……

3. Plastic bobbin cone with plastic cover



1.12 cones in box, 10 boxes in Carton
2.Raw white available, weight ≤1.0kg
3.As per customer's requirements to packing



Polyester Ring Spun Yarn

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